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Ginger Hair Care 100% Organic Essential Oil

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1.Ginger hair care essential oil can effectively restore the vitality of hair, prevent hair loss, provide nutrition for hair roots, repair damaged hair.

2.Activate hair follicles (loosen pores): This product can effectively clean the scalp surface and hair follicle grease, quickly decompose the grease and discharge. In addition, it can activate hair follicles and release pores.

3.Consolidate hair (repair hair follicle tube): can thoroughly clean hair follicle pores, quickly repair hair follicles, further repair and protect hair follicles, nourish, consolidate hair, strengthen hair roots.

4.Strengthen hair quality (regenerate black hair): contains a variety of herbal extracts, can effectively activate hair roots, provide the necessary nutrients and metabolic energy for scalp cells, promote hair growth.

5.Rapid hair growth: This essential oil provides adequate nutrition for hair, hair root has strong vitality, can produce more and more new hair cells, accelerate metabolism. As a result, more black and bright hair can be produced.

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NET WT:10ml
Size Type:Full size
Hair Type:All hair types
Package Size:6*3*3cm/2.36*1.18*1.18“”
Feature:Moisturizing, Nourishin, Anti-drying
Country//Region of Manufacture:China

Package included:
1 x Ginger Hair Care Essential Oil 
1.Using 3 bottles of essential oil as a cycle, it is better to use 3 cycles.

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